Uptown Worship Nights, March 14th 2015 Recap

It started Friday morning. Father urged me to fight in praying the bad weather away. I felt His presence as I battled. Of course right after, I started receiving texts about the possibility of bad weather. Saturday came, I had a dream. In it, we were fighting an unseen enemy who was devastating those who couldn’t see it. I was called to fight. I joined forces with YWAM (Youth With a Mission). It was a cool, but troubling dream. There were gruesome casualties, but I somehow survived. I woke up with a renewed sense of urgency to advance the Kingdom.

Our first Uptown Worship Night, Saint Patty’s Day weekend. The weather seemed it would be bleak, but Father had given me a good indicator we were going to battle. Sure enough, the weather was perfect!

The streets were covered in green shirted bar hoppers. Those same people came and danced to our JESUS worship. Acts in motion, our faithful dance troupe, brought flags. What a sight! You could see a crowd of green shirted young people waving flags and having fun to ‘Deep Cries Out’.

Pastor Jon Morgan brought communion and we opened it up to the public. Pastor presented. People lined up. The worship team played the hymn ‘Nothing But the Blood’ in the background. It was powerful. I dare say at least thirty persons took part.

Shortly after, a young man in green gave his life to Christ as Jon led him in prayer. Another young girl was overwhelmed and worshiped with us. She later told the crew, she had left her drinks, her friends to come and be here with us. She said that’s not who I am.

Overall, JESUS name was declared repeatedly throughout the night. It was a BIG WIN!