4/11 Jordan Copas


Jordan Copas


Worship starts at 7p with Jordan Copas. We first met Jordan at Extreme Tour last year. He’s honest, pure with a passion to love. Listen and learn more about this minister at jordancopas.com
“With life, comes a story, and I have a story to tell.”
Why I began
I was inspired by the leading and direction of God to start working on music. This was prophetically spoken over my life on several occassions: “That I will lead my family to Christ through my music and my testimony, and the bondage of fear will be broken throughout my entire family, even those I had not known. Jordan, you will be bold as a lion performing and speaking in front of the masses. You will bring back the backsliders, you will be flowing like the River Jordan, and you will be a cleansing for those in need.” This was spoken over me before I ever dreamed of doing music. Instead of music I wanted to be a basketball player, but God had different plans.
Copacetic EP released as a free download. You can download Copacetic for free on Noise Trade & SoundCloud.


Born May 14, 1986 in Johnson City, TN – it was hard to smile. I knew what it was like to be in need… to go to sleep hungry and not knowing what I was going to wake up to. It was something different every day, and always a lot of drama! I had trust issues. People would pop into my life and then disappear just as quickly.It was a cycle to which I quickly became accustomed: No male role model and no family support. I felt abandoned, rejected, and unloved. My mother did her best to raise me and my sisters, but it was hard to do – working 3 jobs with long hours to try to keep food on the table. I had a lot of alone time, and most of that time was spent roaming the streets.I was in and out of trouble starting at a young age. Counselors couldn’t help, anger management did nothing for me, cuffs couldn’t stop me, and authority could not get through to me. I was my own boss, a latch-key kid who trusted no one. The thought of people letting me down hurt, so I kept people at bay. I was abused in many forms and I lost my innocence early on. The scars ran deep and the pain has still not gone away. Life was hard, but I knew nothing else so to me it was all good … It was just the life I knew. Deep inside, though, there was always something nagging in the back of my brain. I always wanted more, and I wanted to help others around me in need.